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The Key to Increasing Profitability

Disconnected processes slow down the introduction of new products and severely impact the company’s bottom line. By adopting product lifecycle management (PLM), you are able to unlock opportunities that support up to 75% faster new product introduction with integrated data, processes, people, and technology across your organization.

The power of connectivity in our engineering software holds the key to increased profitability with the potential to create new service business models.



Take on any challenge with product lifecycle management 

Up to 75% Faster NPI

Integrated data, processes, people, and technology across the enterprise enables companies to reduce development time and get products to consumers faster

Decrease lead time up to 40%

With connected workflows, you reduce production cycle times and increase overall efficiency

Increase customer satisfaction by up to 30%

Real-time reporting and live data enable you to improve on-time delivery and product performance in the field while increasing customer satisfaction

Discover new business models

Receive real-time feedback from your connected devices in the field to find new revenue streams

Service business model with connected data

Companies sell a thing - a widget, software, products. What David Sherburne, former engineering and IT executive at Carestream, saw happening in working with connectivity - is that you get information that changes the way you sell. He realized early on with Carestream's advanced connectivity how the shift from selling things to selling services was naturally happening.

Learn more in this episode of Minerva PLM TV with David Sherburne where he talks about creating new service business model within Carestream with connected data.

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