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eCAD Library Sync

Synchronize eCAD components across your systems

Managing the library of component models within a CAD tool is one of the most common frustrations faced by engineers. With eCAD library inside Minerva PLM, electronic designers have access to compliant models of every component, available in all leading CAD formats. Each model can be quality-checked and part suppliers can be validated and put on the approved manufacturer list.

Once checked and released, the component will be available to the entire community. Users can also fracture a model into logical groups to suit design requirements as necessary.



Improve the accuracy and quality of your component libraries

Sourcing individual components, e.g the schematic symbols and the PCBs for newer components can be one of the most time-wasting and frustrating parts of an engineer’s day. On top of this, every time a new part is released, new models are needed.

Instead, engineers need a system that integrates with all leading CAD tools, with direct interface with parts libraries, and with instant access to models for all new parts in all popular formats, from several sources. 

Key benefits

By connecting the eCAD library, you’re able to improve your design process, shorten design time, and reduce the need for physical prototypes.

  • Create Standards-compliant libraries in a matter of minutes
  • Connect eCAD library to make sure you have a full picture of all your components
  • Synchronize component information with your design files and BOM-structures
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of your eCAD library
  • Control costs by providing an overview of approved components only
  • Reuse existing library models in future designs to reduce design time

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