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The Complete Guide to PLM Software Selection: 
What you Need to Know to Make an Informed Decision



It is no secret that PLM software has a charged reputation amongst manufacturing companies that have invested time and resources in it. History has proven that the assured ROI from often large investments in PLM has had a difficult time in delivering as promised. The PLM initiative has historically come from a need to manage CAD data, engineering changes and collaboration between different functions and often only in the development department.

Not many PLM projects have delivered the internal rate of return as prognosed, making new investments into “PLM 2.0” difficult to justify. Spending money on improved production facilities would have been in many cases a much better investment than investing in PLM. At Minerva, we strongly believe that PLM vendors need to improve on how they guide and set the expectations from investing in an enterprise collaboration backbone system or PLM software. The faith in software vendors and especially within the PLM segment is poor and often based on a need rather than a want relationship.

It is the purpose of this e-Book to draw attention to some areas we see as instrumental in PLM success. So, take the time to read through the chapters and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

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