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Dynamic Change Management

Many companies could benefit from managing change processes in a more automated way. Communicating the status of changes across many groups and departments inside the organization as well as to external partners is becoming a serious challenge.

Dynamic Change Management in Minerva PLM streamlines changes requests, assessments, and orders. It also ensures that users throughout the extended supply chain have easy visibility into the engineering change status through the product lifecycle, where change histories are automatically captured and recorded.

a dynamic workflow across the enterprise

Minerva PLM has a dynamic workflow that is intended to have a single change process that can cover a wide range of different use cases for Engineering Change, and automate the decision of how to route through the workflow.

The workflow dynamically changes depending on the Production State/Maturity level of the affected parts and only offers the user a valid route through the workflow.

Key benefits

The dynamic workflow reduces the number of workflows needed and simplifies the decisions the user makes

  • Improve ECO cycle times and reduce errors, delays, scrap and rework
  • Reduce the risk of human errors made in the change process due to the selection of the wrong process
  • Avoid delays in product launch, improve product quality, and reduce production costs

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