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Integrated total product development

All too often, document authors create and manage their work in environments with no connection to their product data. That results in documents are often out of sync with product information and progress in an uncontrolled manner that may not support your product schedules and processes.

The Document capability inside Minerva PLM enables you to incorporate document management capabilities into your product development environment.





Facilitate seamless product and document creation

Misaligned processes can lead to missed product launches due to incomplete or improper documentation, poor labeling or incorrect regulatory filings.

The Document capability enables you to establish standards for document input and collaboration, leverage up-to-date information across all authoring processes and automate and optimize publication and distribution.

Key benefits

The Minerva PLM Documents capability brings product engineering and document authors together in an environment where change can be captured and communicated to all product launch stakeholders.

  • Improve productivity by establishing standards for document authoring and collaboration
  • Enables key information to be exchanged and directly leveraged with the Documents capability
  • Improve compliance by using templates to ensure that documents conform to required structure and content
  • Reduce document confusion by leveraging a single source for secure document authoring, review and access
  • Improve accuracy by linking all engineering and document teams
  • Improve quality by enabling product and document changes to be planned and verified

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