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Documentation Package Management

Automated data export

Paper-based systems and traditional file-centric document management tools fail to provide visibility and access to the full design record. This scenario creates a painful situation for most manufacturing companies because it slows down the development cycle, increases costs and creates bottlenecks that prolong the entire process, including time-to-market.

The Minerva Documentation Package Management module is a solution for exporting data from Minerva PLM based upon an event triggered by a workflow, enabling you to trace and access your most important documentation and prevents the “papers are flying around the office”-scenario.



Structured management of documentation with tags

The Documentation Package Management allows you to manage file folders containing product documentation in a structured way.

Structured categories can be created as templates with tags. A tag is like a file folder that can contain deliverables in a project. You can structure the tags in a tree-structure, with ‘Parent-Tags’/ ‘Child-Tags’. The template is versioned, so one change in the template will create a new version of the template. This way you can always find the previous versions of a template.

Key benefits

  • Keep track of original deliverables and the right versions of documents during revisions
  • Track and find previous versions and generations of technical files and templates

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