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Deliverable Matrix

Ensure progress with clear visibility

Effective project management in the product development phase requires clear monitoring of deliverables. Deliverable matrix provides functionalities for managing deliverables and phases throughout the lifecycle of a project, including Closing Rules, Related Items and Health Status of the project and drag and drop functionality to move deliverables and phases in the tree grid.


Project, data and processes in one system

Managing deliverables can be a tough challenge. Execution plans, CAD drawings and paperwork are not always connected with each other and are placed in static documents, like Excel, with no synchronization.

The deliverable matrix solves that problem by allowing you to connect your project files to the matrix. When a project is created, a deliverable matrix connected to the project is automatically created and displayed as a tree grid. The tree grid contains the phases and deliverables of the project.

If the project is created based upon a project template, then the phases and the deliverables from the template are added in the deliverable matrix with dates on the phases based on the template and the start date of the project. 

You will get a status on data, and the data status is automatically updated in the project.

You get the option to choose where in your folder structure your deliverables should be stored. Your audit trail is secured – under change management – because every change (ECO) will be documented via standard processes, built into the system.


Key benefits

  • Increase visibility and simplify management.
  • Tracks phases and deliverables at different stages of the project lifecycle
  • The deliverable matrix saves times on processes and enables you to work faster
  • A template for regulatory information, like the DHF and DMR
  • Traceability will be improved
  • Your processes become more robust and consistent

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