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Data Package Export

Automated data export

Many companies need to collaborate with external partners, contract manufacturers, and other suppliers. A lot of these companies do not have a solution for external collaboration, and it makes it difficult to control this flow of information, to review and to manage content. Often, getting the wrong version of a document, or even the wrong document, causes frustration, delays in the whole process and unnecessary costs.

The Minerva Data Package Export module enables the client to extract data from the system and exchange it between suppliers and manufacturers. The Export module has been developed to facilitate the integration of Minerva PLM with external data infrastructure.



Workflow-based integration

The Export module is configured to view Minerva PLM as data master of parts and structures (BOM), and after a change is completed, it will be released for consumption by other systems such as ERP.

Flexibility is designed into to the system from the beginning, so when creating new item types in Minerva PLM, it is easy to include these in the Export module. It is also possible to export actual files like Word documents or PDF’s as part of the Export module flow.

All data processing by the Export module is done asynchronously on the server.

Key benefits

  • Multiple export types and destinations
  • Multiple export (communication) protocols
  • Creates packages with change information

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