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F.X. MEILLER replaces legacy PLM and accelerates performance to drive innovation


For several years the company had been running a leading large-scale PLM system. The UNIX-based system spanned 3 servers with 14 CPUs and 50 gigabytes of memory, making it challenging and expensive to maintain. Although the system managed MEILLER’s extensive library of CATIA V5 CAD data, its high resource demands and operational complexity caused significant performance issues and the system offered little additional product or process automation capabilities for an increasingly global product development environment. MEILLER executives knew it was time to modernize to maintain and extend competitive industry leadership. MEILLER wanted to improve performance, reduce costs and migrate away from the legacy Unix - based PLM system onto a PLM platform with a modern Web architecture on Microsoft. MEILLER also wanted to add new functionality to further streamline and improve the global product development processes.


Due to Aras’s advanced Web architecture and ease of use, MEILLER was able to handle a large portion of the project work themselves which significantly reduced the overall project cost.

Performance was one of MEILLER’s major key performance indicators (KPIs) for the project. Numerous performance scenarios were identified and tested. The most significant scenario focused on the loading procedure of a large assembly structure (with over 1000 CAD objects) into the design mode of the CAD System. Six different real-world assembly structures were identified, analyzed and used as reference cases.

Throughout the test the amount of data in the database was identical and had been completely migrated with all files and Meta information from the previous PLM system.

Aras Innovator outperformed the legacy system in every scenario. Aras’s speed ranged from 41% to 81% faster, performing better on larger assemblies. The legacy system failed to load the two largest assemblies even after several attempts. With the help of T-Systems, MEILLER eliminated the UNIX / AIX infrastructure and consolidated the global PLM environment onto a single, modern platform running in a pure Windows and SQL Server Web environment.


Founded in 1850, the F.X. MEILLER Company is a global provider of heavy duty trucking systems for the construction, waste management and commercial vehicle industries.

MEILLER product lines include three -way, two-way, roll-off and rear tippers; tipping and tipping semi-trailers; heavy-duty dumpers; skip handlers; and trailers for the transport of containers and moving-floor semi -trailers as well as hydraulic systems and lift doors that have proven their worth around the world.

Note: This Case Study was first published here.

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Learn how F.X. Meiller migrated to a modern PLM platform and accelerated performance for large-scale multi-CAD management.