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Aras PLM Integration and Flexibility at Akrapovič


Read further how Akrapovič managed to integrate Aras and SAP into a well-connected single enterprise IT solution regardless of different building blocks that are/might be used


Igor Akrapovič founded The Akrapovič in 1991. The company is developing and manufacturing one of the most technically advanced exhaust systems in the world.

Up to date, they are supplying race exhaust systems for a Formula 1 race car used in one of the top teams as well as they have established a long-term cooperation with Honda, Kawasaki, Aprilia factory teams. By having production facilities in both Europe and North America, Akrapovič is meeting with excellence the increasing demand for their products.

The company has been

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See how Akrapovič takes advantage of Aras's flexible platform to connect with their SAP interface and extend core functionality.