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Component Engineering

Choose the right tool for the job

Many component engineers rely on traditional search engines to research component data. To be a successful component engineer, you need the right tool. Minerva PLM offers electronic component selection, approval, sourcing and compliance processes with instant access to reliable, up-to-date information in an intuitive, powerful solution.

The component engineering capability simplifies component selection, approval, sourcing and compliance processes.





Analyze and qualify components with ease

While traditional search engines in some cases can be useful for finding documentation, they lack the context and depth of a vertical, specialized solution. In short, managing components without the right tool can make the job rather time-consuming and difficult.

Key benefits

Minerva PLM offers a component engineering tool with vertical solution features such as basic and parametric search functions, instant access to attributes, technical data, datasheets and much more.

  • Save time, increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce regulatory and supply chain risk.
  • Eliminate redundant parts and suppliers
  • Control costs and reduce the risk of single-sourced purchasing by working with preferred suppliers
  • Save time and money by driving component reuse

Anticipate and manage obsolescence risk for better long-term product planning

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