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Streamline Collaboration and enable Secure Data Access for External Partners

Organizations across various industries need a high degree of collaboration with external partners in key processes like sourcing, manufacturing, and design. Traditionally,  manual collaboration management is required to handle changing data shared via emails, spreadsheets, zip files, and other unautomated means.

This manual work often results in sharing outdated data with external partners and extends communication time with suppliers. In addition, these methods generate an unsecured exchange of component drawings and other intellectual property (IP).

How can Minerva help you improve your supply chain collaboration?


With Minerva PLM, powered by Aras you collaborate with the extended supply chain in a secure and streamlined way.

Grant secure data access to external partners

Easily and rapidly grant access to external partners. Via the web, external partners can find only the data they need without you having to send it to them manually. Not only can partners get real-time data and compare it with previous versions, they can also be an integrated part of relevant processes including Changes and Change Requests.

Manage partner access permissions

When limiting direct access of a partner is required, information packages supporting industry-standard PDX format can be created. A PDX package is automatically generated by the system on demand and sent to the partner. A free PDX viewer is available to view the contents.

Visualize changes

With Minerva Data Viewer suppliers can open and view data packages exported from Minerva PLM, powered by Aras or Aras Innovator. Each package contains product information required by external partners to manufacture and/or identify changes. Minerva Data Viewer offers features to compare versions of data and highlight changes between them with redlining and color-coding.

Technology that enables more efficient external collaboration with partners: 

Minerva Data Viewer

 The Viewer can open and view the data packages exported from Minerva PLM and Aras Innovator with the Data Package Export

Minerva Import Tool

Make an effective, affordable, and safe alternative to a CAD integration to Minerva PLM

Data Package Export 

Enables the client to extract data from the system and exchange it between suppliers and manufacturers

Permissions Manager

With Minerva Permissions Manager, you can easily grant external partners access to product data that has been approved for sharing with them specifically

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"Managing a Total Product Record Through the Value Chain"

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