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Webinar: How Minerva DevOps speeds up your Aras Innovator configuration

Wednesday 17th February 2021, at 10 am CET

What is Minerva DevOps?
Introducing our new product, Minerva DevOps


Imagine being able to eliminate manual work and reduce the development time of your Aras Innovator application by 40%

And imagine having access to automated code review, continuous integration, and automated testing. and rework time by 80%.

In this blog post, I would like to introduce you to our new product, Minerva DevOps for Aras Innovator development and configuration.


First of all, what is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development, the construction of the software, and everything that is related to the deployment - operation or ops – of those applications.

The main goal is to shorten the delivery cycle of functionalities in production while improving collaboration, quality, and stability. The Minerva DevOps tool suite enables your organization to remove manual steps, reduce errors, increase team agility, and to scale beyond small, isolated teams.

Minerva DevOps is the first development tool suite in the world to fully support PLM software.

Minerva DevOps is designed to optimize the entire way you build & configure, test, and deploy your Aras and Minerva PLM environment with speed, quality, and control.


What is included in the Minerva DevOps tool suite?

  • Access to our Source Control platform, powered by Gitlab: Get your isolated workspace to manage your projects (code repository, Issue board, merge request, continuous integration,, code review process, release management …)
  • Minerva Delivery Kit Template: Create and maintain your project sources in a managed skeleton designed for Aras applications and control Continuous Integration (build, deploy and test at each commit)
  • Minerva Library: Benefit from our helpers and extensions to Aras standard API
  • Minerva Test Framework: Introduce automated functional tests in your continuous integration to keep control of your Aras solution
  • Package Manager: Deploy your local development environment and manage Aras packaging activities, with a powerful tool designed for Aras application development
  • Minerva NuGet Gallery: Get access to all modules via NuGet source


Minerva DevOps – why do Aras & Minerva PLM subscribers need it?

It is well known that a large degree of PLM implementation projects fails to live up to their full potential or fail entirely. Amongst the reasons are poor implementation processes. With Minerva DevOps, we are. addressing these challenges with a set of tools and processes designed specifically for Aras, in order to keep control of the development cycle, manage your releases, and enable automated deployment on your specific infrastructure.


Want to see it in action?

The easiest way of illustrating the benefits of Minerva DevOps is to show you how it works. Get access to the complete presentation of Minerva DevOps right here.

Webinar: How Minerva DevOps speeds up your Aras Innovator configuration

Wednesday 17th February 2021, at 10 am CET

About the author

Benjamin Chaillon

Benjamin Chaillon works as Functional Lead for software development in Minerva. Originally trained as a software developer, Benjamin has been using his skill set to develop PLM software applications for more than 15 years.

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