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How Minerva became a world class PLM consultancy


I have been with Minerva for more than 20 years. That is half of my career.

I started out as a systems developer in Denmark’s biggest retail group and was there for 9 years. That experience gave me a solid foundation within enterprise software but at some point, I felt the need to develop my skillset and I became aware of this exciting new company called Minerva.

I was intrigued and got in contact with Asger Thierry and finally made the switch to software consulting at Minerva.


Brought a lot of technical experience to Minerva

Starting out as a software engineer, I gained a technical perspective that I also brought into Minerva as a technical business consultant. That was a clear advantage for me, as the ERP/PLM market in Scandinavia was not as developed as it is today. I got the feeling that I helped develop the market and the individual companies at that time, which was very exciting.

Other than helping to mature a market, I also felt that I contributed to developing and maturing the technical skill level inside Minerva – as well as contributing to developing Minerva as a unique workplace.

We did work hard, putting a lot of hours into it, but we had – and still have fun – while doing so.

So, I really believe that it was a common effort by all to help make Minerva a unique company in the IT industry and a world class consultancy within the PLM sphere.


Trying something different

Sometimes, when you have been at a company for a certain amount of years, you feel that you would benefit from trying out something else. Investigating whether the grass is greener on the other side. See what you are missing.

I felt the need to try a world outside of Minerva – but after a month in the new job, I came to the conclusion that Minerva was the right place for me anyway, so I contacted Asger and I was back at Minerva again.

Now, it has been 20 years for me in Minerva. I still feel we are at the start of the journey. I am so excited to see where the journey will take us next.


About the author

Pauli Vadstrup

With more than 20 years of experience in implementing ERP and PLM enterprise software globally, Pauli Vadstrup brings extensive expertise in professional services, including program- and project management as well as business and technical consulting. Pauli has worked together with many different companies and people across different industries, regions and cultures.

With a background in IT and Business, Pauli started his career as an IT Programmer / Project Manager at Danish Supermarket (Retail Industry) and now is responsible for all projects, consultancy and the management of existing accounts at Minerva.

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