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Good enough is never good enough

Good enough is never good enough. That sentence has always stuck with me. No matter how many matches I have fought on the judo tatami. No matter how many lines of code I have written. There are always details and areas that can be improved.

I found Minerva and I was full of enthusiasm because I met a company with the right set of values, great talent and a good product offering.

But there was also room for improvement in certain areas and being able to help grow the company at that point in time excited me.


A result-oriented mindset

I started out my career programming an ERP system from the ground up and subsequently helped bring the system to market. During that process I acquired a taste for project management and business development. As a former elite judo fighter, I am very result-oriented and especially enjoy helping companies reach their set goals through technology.

So, when I joined Minerva back in 2002, I saw a need for taking all the talent inside the company to the next level, including introducing new product lines and expanding into various geographic regions.


Going from regional to an international company

As a sportsman, you typically set ambitious goals, working hard in a structured manner to achieve them. The same goes for Minerva. Grow 30 percent each year! No matter whether it was achievable or not.

At first, we offered solutions related to CRM, Business Intelligence and ERP, but soon we became aware of the growth rate, PLM systems experienced in the Nordic region. That triggered some interest because although the PLM industry is not very large in Scandinavia, the technology was increasingly adopted by manufacturing companies.

If you expand the perspective and include countries like France and Germany, it is a completely different story. After a few years, establishing ourselves on the Scandinavian market, the next goal was Europe.

But then we changed our tools in the toolbox.


The future is red – and it’s called Aras

One day back in the mid-2000’s, I called my boss and told him about this cool new  tool called Aras. I told him about the flexible platform, how the system was able to be moulded and configured in many variants to fit whatever challenges a company might be looking to fix.

His response: “We don’t need a new product. Our current offering is good enough!”.

But as you might have guessed by now, good enough is never good enough and I am grateful to whatever saint that is protecting me, because I managed to convince my boss to follow my ambitious idea.

That really brought Minerva to the next level in the PLM consulting industry.


We are number 1

Today, Minerva is THE biggest Aras partner in the world. We are serving thousands of subscribers on a daily basis and have created two industrial add-ons to Aras Innovator, several re-useable components and have designed and built our own PLM solution, Minerva PLM.

It has been a hell of a ride, and we have achieved quite a lot during my time in Minerva. But good enough is never good enough. So, where will we go from here? Only the future will tell.


About the author

Leon Lauritsen

Leon has worked with multiple IT systems from ERP to BI and PLM. His experience ranges all the way from programming to business consulting, project management and business development. Leon started his career in IT development and has further earned a diploma in IT and Economics at Copenhagen Business School and an Executive MBA at Henley Management College.  

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