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Let’s change the way we select Enterprise software!


It is no secret that Enterprise software and especially PLM software has a charged reputation amongst manufacturing companies that have invested time and resources in it.

The PLM initiative has historically come from a need to manage CAD data, engineering changes and collaboration between different functions and often only in the development department. Other departments are at risk of being neglected or even ignored.

At Minerva, we strongly believe that PLM vendors need to improve on how they guide and set the expectations from investing in an enterprise system or PLM software. We believe in a different way of evaluating and choosing PLM software.

We have worked with PLM software for more than 20 years. Throughout the years we have always insisted on full transparency between Minerva and our customers.

That is why we are suggesting an entirely different approach to selecting PLM software. A more open approach with full access to the competing vendor’s development environment which enables the customer to fully evaluate the pro’s and con’s of each vendor’s solution.

If you are interested in reading about our new approach to PLM selection processes, please feel free to download this new E-book right here


Take the time to read through the chapters. And please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 


About the author

Leon Lauritsen

Leon has worked with multiple IT systems from ERP to BI and PLM. His experience ranges all the way from programming to business consulting, project management and business development. Leon started his career in IT development and has further earned a diploma in IT and Economics at Copenhagen Business School and an Executive MBA at Henley Management College.  

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