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Bills of Material (BOM)

Managing product structures from cradle to grave

Managing multiple Bills of Material (BOM) representations is not a simple job. Different departments might manage their BOMs in different systems, which call for the need to synchronize and copy BOMs together with changes. If not managed correctly, there are potentially many sources of error and mistakes can be very costly.

BOMs across the disciplines of mechanical, electrical and software need to be synchronized to ensure product quality and to avoid delays and recalls.





Connecting multiple information sources into a single system

The key to successful BOM management is having a centralized location for your various BOMs and product records. Minerva PLM enables you to manage multiple BOM representations in a single database, ensuring everyone in the company has a single source of the truth.

Key benefits

BOM management in Minerva PLM ensures that team members across disciplines, suppliers and outsourced manufacturers have access to the right information allowing you to:

  • Increase collaboration and productivity in your teams
  • Easily synchronize EBOMs and MBOMs for clear visibility into cross-disciplinary change statuses through design, manufacture and service.
  • Improve product quality while reducing product costs and manufacturing errors.
  • Reduce product costs, manufacturing errors, scrap and rework
  • Improve the outcome of design to goal initiatives

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