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API Integration

Synchronize data across the enterprise

Digital integration is essential for manufacturing companies because product development data often is managed across multiple data silos. Data in one system is not visible in another system, leading to inefficiencies and inconsistencies throughout product development. By connecting these different data silos into Minerva PLM, you ensure that your data is up-to-date, accurate and synchronized.




All your data and documents in one place

The API integration capability inside Minerva PLM allows data, CAD data, documents, versions and structures from different data sources to be synchronized and flow across system boundaries. Up-to-date data from other disciplines within the company is available to different specialist departments.

Key benefits

API integration can be built quickly and easily, allowing you to control and monitor your processes with full traceability so that:

  • Pre-packaged connectors provide integration to many widely used systems and tools
  • You can easily create reports of all process flows.
  • Web services are available for systems that require access to data or files stored in Minerva PLM
  • Federation services can be used to define target objects in legacy applications as item properties

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