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Meet the Management

The Minerva Management team combines deep experience from the manufacturing industry and from major software companies, which makes them highly competent at optimizing processes and systems within product development, manufacturing operations, supply chain and quality management.

As the leading service provider of Enterprise PLM software solutions, Minerva's executive team are executing a successful growth strategy based on sound and profitable business fundamentals. The strategy has secured Minerva's position as one of Europe´s largest and fastest growing Enterprise PLM vendors.

Asger Thierry

CEO & Founder

Asger Thierry brings over 25 years of experience in developing companies and market penetration, with a tight focus on sales excellence and strategic company development.

With an Electronic Engineering background combined with a commercial degree and a ICF coaching education, Asger Thierry has gained experience from management positions primarily related to sales and marketing in Alcatel, CII Bull, Honeywell Bull, Siemens, Lectra systems, and Hewlett Packard.

Asger Thierry holds external board positions as chairman and member in several companies, including Denmark's largest Lawyer company.

Leon Lauritsen

Vice President & Partner

Leon Lauritsen contributes to the Minerva management team with a broad business background adding experience from previous employment in large companies such as Logica, ranging all the way from programming to business consulting, project management and business development. These experiences and his result-oriented focus have been decisive for the success of Minerva's new product lines and expansion in various geographic regions.

Founded as an IT programmer, Leon Lauritsen has supplied that with both a diploma in IT and Economics (HD-IØ) at Copenhagen Business School and an Executive MBA at Henley Management College.

Customers as well as Minerva, gain significant benefits from Leon´s very result orientated focus as a previous successful elite sportsman.


Pauli Vadstrup

Vice President Operations & Partner

With more than 20 years of experience in implementing ERP and PLM enterprise software globally, Pauli Vadstrup brings extensive expertise in professional services, including program- and project management as well as business and technical consulting. Pauli have worked together with many different companies and people in different industries, regions and cultures.

With a background in IT and Business, Pauli started his career as an IT Programmer / Project Manager at Danish Supermarket (Retail Industry). At Minerva, Pauli is responsible for all projects, consultancy, and managing existing accounts.

Thomas Skogen

Product Director

Thomas brings experience from his background in Supply Chain and Manufacturing Optimization, where he has helped several global companies optimize their internal and external business processes. Thomas experience originates mainly from the Electronic & High-Tech and Medical Device Industries. This combined with his experience within all levels of PLM implementations, provides a solid foundation for his current role of managing customer engagement, marketing and development of Minerva’s product range targeted towards Electronic & High Tech and Medical Device Industries.

Thomas comes with a background as an Electronics engineer, complemented with a Master in Technology Management. Thomas has held positions in multinational corporations such as Nilfisk, heading the internal optimization programs as well as the supply chain organization.


Anthony Ponceot

Director of Functional Leads 

Anthony has a background in engineering, with degrees in both Die Casting; Stamping Tool Design and in Production Systems; Engineering. These degrees provide Anthony with a good understanding of manufacturing processes and the challenges Minerva’s customers are facing every day.

Anthony has been teaching himself computer programming since his childhood, and the combination of engineering and manufacturing understanding and his deep knowledge of how to design good effective software solutions makes him ideal for the development of a PLM solution.

At Minerva, Anthony is responsible for the technical solutions that are delivered by our operational team of Solution Consultants and Software Engineers, ensuring quality, scalability but also upgradability of the solutions.

Klaus Kirk Jensen

Chief Financial Officer

With his more than 10 years of experience in Finance and Business from both international corporations and small entrepreneurial start-ups, Klaus brings well-proven practices together with divergent ones. He is a very versatile, highly proactive, and working with various leadership and operational tasks person.

His pronounced winning instinct and work ethics are primarily built through his previous golf career at a top level as well as through his parents, who are merchants. Being raised in such a family has developed his constant drive for improving the business and customer satisfaction in everything he does.

His ability of seeing the big picture and understanding both business and internal environment together with his analytical and strategic thinking have been essential for optimizing and developing Minerva’s business.

The external Board of Directors

Svend Ole Espensen

Chairman of the board

With 39 years of experience as a lawyer, Svend Ole Espensen brings a lifetime of legal experience to Minerva.

He holds both a Danish and a German law degree and is admitted to the German Bar.

Svend Ole Espensen brings experience from being an equity-partner in the Danish law firm Kromann Reumert and an associate professor at the University of Aarhus.

He has also served as a general legal counsel for Danfoss A/S, one of the largest industrial manufacturing companies in Denmark.

Wenche Strømsnes

Board member

Wenche has had the privilege to be a leader and at the same time working with a number of top executive teams on strategic management and corporate development.

With a strong background in business economics, management and strategy, Wenche was instrumental in turning the government-funded CfL Danish Centre for Leadership into a self-financing organization, serving 12 years as CEO.

Today, Wenche is founder and CEO of BetterMeetings, a digital platform that helps executive teams make better decisions and create greater empowerment through better management meetings

Jørgen Bardenfleth

Board member

Jørgen Bardenfleth graduated from the University of Denmark in 1981 with an Msc. in Electrical Engineering and from UCLA in 1989 with an MBA. He has worked in IT, technology and consulting for 30 years, including as General Manager of Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Microsoft in Denmark.

Jørgen brings experience as mature business leader in high tech, both in sales, marketing and consulting. Further, Jørgen has valuable insight and experience into building leadership teams and international business and subsidiaries. Jørgen has an updated understanding of how today's technology developments can be utilized and commercialized.

Today, Jørgen works as Professionel Board Member in Minerva and in several IT firms and in Government boards on IT and innovation.

Ida Bratting Kongsted

Board member

Ida has spent the last 10 years building up AS3 Executive from a smaller subsidiary to a market leading company, with the 20 biggest Danish companies amongst its clients.

Being a “people’s person”, Ida has advised and coached more than 500 executives on leadership and career challenges. Because of that, today she has a very large personal network within the Danish corporate landscape.

Ida is self-motivating, has a keen eye for innovation and is a passionate networker, who believes in bringing people together.

Mikael Lyngsø

Board member

Mikael Lyngsø is an international executive with over 20 years of high-growth global experience in the IT industry, hereof 12 years as CEO of one of the world’s leading software companies within Master Data Management solutions, Stibo Systems.

Mikael is bringing to the board reliable experience and knowledge of global strategy, market positioning and managing global business expansion and operations through subsidiaries. In addition, with his background as CTO, Mikael has extensive experience with product management and software development. All areas which are key to Minerva’s future international business success.

Mikael holds positions as Professional Board Member in both Minerva and several other IT firms.