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What makes us different

Minerva business model

The subscription model sets Aras apart from other PLM software vendors. You don't need to buy a software license. Instead, you can just download the system from the Aras website and then install, test and evaluate the system without any payment at all to make sure it meets your business needs. And then you can sign a subscription agreement.

Additionally, as a subscriber, all modules & solutions of the software are available from the beginning and there are no additional fees for accessing a module. So, the cost is predictable. It will be the same independent of how much functionality you utilize.

In case you need assistance with configuring or customizing the software to your business needs, we offer a pay-as-you-go training and consulting, and the annual subscription includes all upgrades and latest versions of the software, as well as customization. And this is truly unique!

So why spend a fortune on licenses before you can even get your hands on the software? Aras is making it simpler to do PLM!


The traditional model

The most common business model among PLM software vendors is based on buying software licenses. That means that you would have to make a huge upfront investment before the vendor will let you get your hands on the software. And of course, maintenance and support is an additional fee that doesn’t include upgrades, and upgrading customizations can be close to impossible.

Very often, customers sign up for a small scope in Phase 1 of the implementation, and when they want to expand the use into e.g. Quality Management, Project Management, Requirements Management etc. they are hit with new massive investments in licenses and additional maintenance fees!

So essentially, the more of the software you use, the more expensive it gets.

What is included in the Minerva Subscription?