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Minerva has been merged into Aras

As of January, Minerva is an Aras company

Digital Solutions to Streamline Product Development

Minerva is a leading software provider that optimizes business and product processes. We help manufacturing companies innovate products faster by bringing their processes and data management to the next level.

Increase revenue


Increase on-time delivery, reduce scrap and rework to drive customer satisfaction with instant access to key data

Faster time to market


Innovate products faster by integrating data, people, processes, and technology across the enterprise

Reduce costs


Manage costs across the value chain through real-time monitoring and connected analytics solutions

One system for everyone

With a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system, you build a foundation for digitalizing all your processes and documents and provide all required stakeholders with access to the real-time data they need.

Three products, one platform – the technology you need to enable digitalization

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

 Product development is complex and often slow. Accelerate processes and projects by managing the lifecycle of your products right from the start. Reduce routine tasks and errors and safely meet regulatory obligations. Our solution: Minerva PLM, powered by Aras

Aras Integration Platform 


Break system boundaries inside your organization by connecting your valuable data to the Aras Platform. Through open API’s, users have instant access to important data from distributed and legacy systems such as ERP, CRM, or PDM

Rapid Development & Configuration

Optimize the entire way you adapt, configure, test, and deploy your platform environment. Minerva DevOps enables you to shorten the delivery cycle of functions in the production

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