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“For us Aras is something complementary to our existing PLM platform. Aras sits on the side to digitalize specific processes like the structural tests. We really consider Aras a good platform for these niche projects because of its agility.”
- Henrik Weimer - Head of PLM Architecture & Innovation

“Before, I was spending a day or two for every design change. Now I spend two minutes. In the end, there is a lot of saving!”
- Dan Haugbøl - Director Corporate QA/RA and IT/ Information Security

“We, as a company, wanted to grow, to double, to triple, quadruple in size. So, if we wanted to do that, we really had to take care of this messy data-handling structure.”
- Ronny Blaauwgeers - Director Manufacturing Engineering

“Previously, our certification management was done manually, and if you have manual processes, you have the human effect – one can make mistakes. With all data now in Aras, we can do the assessments much more efficiently and with better turnaround times. Bottom line is that we save a lot of time!”
- Magnus Erenstedt - Development Manager
Esterline Racal Acoustics

“We predicted about a 600% efficiency saving in the management of electronic drawings and I believe we have achieved something similar to that. If we pull a product from the past and try to do modification on it, the improvement is even higher than 600%”
- Jamie Griffin - Operations and Engineering Director
Malvern Instruments

“With so many new people coming into the organization, you can’t rely on just spreading information by word of mouth. With drawings and documents stored in one place, finding the right information is just a lot easier. At the same time Aras widens the availability of information, so the middle managers now use it to check on the status of the projects. That is becoming a very powerful tool, which people are starting to rely on.”
- John Wilkinson - Principal Systems Engineer

“There was a need to find a way to organize product data and to shorten the time needed to search for information in different databases.”
- Tomas Sandstedt - Product Management and Application Manager
North Sea Electronic

“Our old system was missing an official review process that will lock the given revision of a product.”
- Aleksander Jazdzyk - COO