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Minerva helps manufacturing companies become more competitive and more profitable.

We are operating international thru our own branch offices, and with the help of our international partners.

Measurable results is the cornerstone of all deliveries, whether it is within development, supply chain, manufacturing execution or global outsourcing.


Open Source PLM is one of the means to increase the competitiveness, at the same time as up front investments are held to an absolute minimum, thereby securing a fast ROI.

Want to become even more competitive? Have a look at the areas of expertise in the Minerva Group.


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Why do World leading manufacturing organizations turn to Minerva?


ARAS Innovator, Enterprise Open Source PLM Software

The most advanced Enterprise Open Source PLM Platform with a new innovative business model:

  • No PLM License or Module costs
  • The Most Advanced Technology based on Microsoft Technology stack
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Community Solution Framework
  • Commercial Platforms
We're expanding
16. february 2016 - North America

After having successfully implemented PLM in over 70 companies over the last decade, Minerva have decided to expand its global presence into North America.

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What if you combine the most Advanced PLM Technology available on the planet with an Enterprise Open Source businessmodel? The software is free to download and there are no PLM software licenses to buy - ever! Too good to be true?

Enterprise Search Solutions exposes the critical information an organisation must access to make real-time business decisions.

The world's leading manufacturing companies are depending on QAD to support their global activities. Together with QAD, Minerva is delivering innovative business software, services and support for the global manufacturing network of the future.