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Medical Device

Our Clients share their stories

Case Study: Auditdata

Faced with the challenge to find documents and to make relationships between them, Auditdata needed a relational database, that would systemize documents and give a good overview of the relationships between different files.

Case Study: Malvern Instruments

1 million files, that was roughly the amount of data scattered in literally every virtual corner of Malvern Instruments' organization - from hard drives to e-mails and floppy disks. The vast quantities of unstructured information were the main factor behind their decision to find a system enabling a more structured way of centralizing the data.

Minerva Medical Device PLM

This is the solution many companies have chosen to optimise their processes

We know that your job is already hard enough. That is why we have collected our two decades of experience of optimizing processes for Medical Device organizations and developed Medical Device PLM to support your growth. The system is easy to implement and ready to go as it is. Our team of Business Analysts and Solution Architects has wide experience from working with one of the best and most complex supply chains in the world and they are always ready to support you and help with customization.

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