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Kawasaki Heavy Industries Streamlines Product Development with Advanced PLM Platform


Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI - is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the aerospace, energy, industrial equipment, power, transportation and shipping industries. With 34 thousand employees on six continents and over $13 billion in annual revenue, the company serves a global customer base in dynamically changing markets. The KHI aerospace division designs and manufactures products ranging from aircraft to satellites.


Since the introduction of the in-house company system in 2001, KHI encouraged each company to improve management of product information and processes to deliver the innovative, high quality performance products demanded in the industrial markets that it serves. As a result, the product development team in each industrial group has developed its own system for CAD data management, requirements management, and other processes that support the business of engineering, resulting in many different systems in the same process.

Further adding to the challenge was a lack of real-time communications and collaboration between departments. It was time-consuming to share product information across disciplines.


When it comes to their primary targeted area of streamlining product development and reducing costs, KHI has far surpassed initial goals. They have achieved better collaboration across the different engineering disciplines, and attained greater efficiencies in processes throughout product development at the companies using Aras. KHI has also accomplished a new level of standardization while also sharing process innovations and improvements between companies.

In addition, there is a company which has reduced the cost for creating a production environment by 51-83%.


The challenge for our PLM platform was to shorten the implementation period and reduce costs. The goal for was to share process innovations with one another faster and greatly reduce excess charges.
Yutaro Mishima
Information Planning Department KHI

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