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Minerva is developing solutions for Aras to speed up your implementation and provides you with best practice.




  • Electronic PLM The Minerva Electronic PLM is tailored to handle the complex challenges of running a modern EHT company, providing a PLM solution that is ready to go, but still highly configurable to fit any custom needs.
  • Medical Device PLM Based upon Minervas 10+ years of experiencewith implementing PLM in the Medical DeviceIndustry, we have developed a industry solutionsthat handles the issues that often are not solvedsatisfactory in the PLM solutions available on themarket today.
  • Data Viewer The Minerva Data Viewer is a tool to help our customers communicate with their external partners. The Data Viewer can open and view the data packages exported from Aras Innovator with the Minerva Data Export.
  • PDX Export Minerva’s PDX Export for Aras Innovator gives the user the ability to export data using the permission set of other users.
  • Import Tool In order to make data transfer easier Minerva has developed an Import Tool that can import data from xls and csv to Aras. The Import Tool can be used to import both new parts and changes to existing parts in Aras.
  • Permissions Manager To simplify the process of managing permissions for external partners in Aras Innovator, Minerva has developed a new add-on solution. The Minerva Permissions Manager makes it possible and easy to give an external party access to certain parts, products or files in Aras Innovator.


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