Leading technologies

Aras Innovator® is build upon leading, new technologies. The open architecture makes the software flexible as well as scalable and easy to deploy.


Aras Enterprise Application Framework:


  • Easy and fast to install and configure using standard components

  • Visual configuration

  • User friendly thin clients

  • Simple updates, also of changes

  • Easy integrations using SOA

  • Flexible and bullet-proof security model

Management requirements

Old technologies are difficult and expensive to maintain and develop upon.


This era is now over!


Aras Innovator® can be downloaded and deployed without the need for paying any upfront license fees.


The open architecture makes it easy to adapt and integrate to in order to continuously support the fast changing business requirements.


The open technology, the easy configuration and upgrade will require fewer resources and therefore also lower costs.



IT needs


IT requires technology and software, which fit into their current infrastructure.


Aras Innovator® is build upon open standards and new technologies using an open and multi-tiered service oriented architecture.


Aras Innovator® is easy to deploy, upgrade and maintain. The security model is flexible and able to support the security policies for internal as well as external access.


Open internet protocols as well as the Microsoft .NET and SQL Server platform is used as the foundation for Aras Innovator®.


Aras Innovator provides revision control for all data in and out of the system, and in and out of the document vault through the engineering change process.

Aras Innovator's control of documents is via a customizable change process that tracks revision of all documents, parts, assemblies - everything, actually.
April 2010 
Brent Evers, Engineering Manager,
Phoenix International