Jobs at Minerva


At Minerva Group, you will work with a talented team of engineers, dedicated to implementing Product Lifecycle Management in manufacturing organizations across the globe!

With people speaking more than 10 different languages and coming from various backgrounds, Minerva is an exceptional place to work and develop. For us, geography is a relative concept. We encourage diversity and welcome extraordinary people no matter their location. 


As an organization, we value transparency, honesty and hard work. The whole team gathers twice a year for a four-day team-building event. We share updates, celebrate achievements, welcome all the new hires and have a lot of fun! In the summer, we go to Alicante and for our winter event, we like to experiment and visit different European cities.

We believe in a high degree of flexibility for our employees, so as long as the projects are on time and on budget, we let people plan their working hours and vacation days however they’d like. We believe in a good work life balance and at the same time we give people that want to make extra money the opportunity to do that as well.